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The SealPOD DGpods is a Dolce Gusto® compatible pod. These easy-to-clean reusable stainless steel coffee pod is designed to last a lifetime!  Now you can reduce your environmental impact with every cup by not using single-use plastic pods anymore!. Plus, you now have the freedom to use your pod machine with your favourite brand of ground coffee, making your coffee more cost-effective than store-bought pre-packaged disposable capsules.

The DGPod Dual Pack contains:
2 Stainless Steel Reusable Capsule, with the silicon cover, stainless steel lid and strainer
1 Scoop
200 Paper Filters (optional use for tea or stronger coffee)

Compatible with Dolce Gusto® Lumio, Circolo, Drop, Eclipse, Fontana, Genio 1, Genio 2, Jovia, Melody 2, Melody 3, Mini-Me, Movenza, Oblo, Piccolo / Piccolini and Stelia.

Sealpod DGPods (Dolce Gusto-compatible) Dual Pack R 1,220.00

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