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The MagicVac® Futura is a semi-professional vacuum sealing system with an automatic cycle and a pulse vacuum for manual control to preserve fragile and delicate food. This compact digital vacuum packing machine is simple to use and has a completely automatic sealing system with a manual sealing function for delicate foods. The open end of the filled vacuum bag is placed in the tray, the lid is simply clicked down and the sealer automatically vacuums and seals in just a few seconds. Waterproof controls, integrated cable storage and a dishwasher safe lower tray make for effortless vacuum sealing at home.

  • Elegant design and easy-to-clean vacuum sealing system
  • Completely automatic cycle
  • Manual cycle for delicate foods
  • Cycle to create vacuum in containers
  • Sealing in progress led indicator
  • Cable storage compartment

Technical features

Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Nominal pump flowrate: 10 l/min
Vacuum Pump Value: (60 cm/Hg) -0,8 bar

Included in box:

  • 5 pre-cut 20x30 cm bags
  • Connection tube for accessories
  • Roll for 30x300 cm bags
  • User instructions manual
  • Vacuum storage guide

Watch usage video here :

MagicVac Futura Vacuum Sealer R 3,985.00

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