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The MagicVac® Axolute is a semi-professional vacuum sealing system with an automatic cycle and a pulse vacuum for manual control to preserve fragile and delicate food. The hygienic roll-holder compartment with protection cover features a built-in bag cutter that cuts in both directions. The sealer can be stored vertically for space-saving storage. Tested and approved by the Federation of Italian Chefs, it is made entirely in Italy with materials and assembly methods that are rigorously under control during the entire production cycle to ensure the utmost quality and reliability.

  • Semi-professional vacuum sealing system, with hygienic roll-holder and pulse vacuum
  • ”ActiSeal 3D”: automatic adjustment to obtain always the best sealing
  • Double suction speed
  • Double seal setting
  • Completely automatic cycle
  • Specific cycle to create vacuum in containers
  • Digital LED indicator to show cycle progress
  • Patented Technology

Technical features

Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Nominal pump flowrate: 10 l/min
Vacuum Pump Value: 60 cm/Hg -0,80 bar / 11.6 PSI

Included in box:

  • Roll for 30x300 cm bags
  • 5 pre-cut 20x30 cm bags
  • Connection tube for accessories
  • User instructions manual
  • Vacuum storage guide
  • “Magic Cutter” bag cutter

Watch usage video here :

MagicVac Axolute Vacuum Sealer R 6,930.00

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