R 249.00

ANNO 1693 Cabernet Sauv/Merlot  Vintage

ANNO 1693, is a rich, elegant, complex and well-balanced Bordeaux-style red blend made from two varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. All of the grapes are grown and nurtured on Normandie Est. 1693. ANNO 1693 is the second red blend from the Estate; it is the natural extension to the iconic and legendary Eisen & Viljoen. ANNO 1693 was created with all of the passion and expertise that Normandie Est.1693 is renown for with the purpose of expanding the treasured wine experience.

Vintage-Subject to availability


ANNO 1693 Cabernet Sauv/Merlot Vintage R 249.00

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