R 285.00

Biovinea has just launched a unique skin care product, Skin Ganache with Apricot Kernel Oil, that is almost 100% bioidentical to our own skin fats. This product is 100% natural, completely hypoallergenic, nutrient dense ,completely waterless and now CBD infused

Your body needs water, but only does so internally to function better. Drinking water moisturises every organ in our body. But topically, skin does not really like water all that much, which is why our skin wrinkles when exposed to water for too long.  Yet water (aqua) is the most common ingredient in all commercial, and even natural, skincare products.  Water and oil don’t mix. Almost immediately after application, evaporation occurs which means you need to reapply more frequently. Cells aren’t nourished and sometimes, skin cells are even damaged through emulsifiers that used to force ingredients (water & oils) to meld.  

Biovinea Skin Ganache has no emulsifiers, no preservatives, no water, no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), no parabens or other fillers.  It is packed with fat soluble vitamins A,D,K & E.

100% active nutrient dense ingredients = 100% nutritious goodness for your skin.

Made from pure tallow, apricot kernel oil, black seed oil and a secret blend of essential oils. Easily absorbed and long lasting moisture for your skin cells.


Biovinea Skin Ganache R 285.00

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