R 430.00

Made in Australia (Watch the usage video here: https://dreamfarm.com/garject)

Garject Lite is the world’s best garlic press. It presses unpeeled garlic, scrapes itself clean, and even ejects the peel. All of the garlic ends up in your meal, your hands don’t stink and your Garject practically cleans itself in the process.

Garject Lite is one powerful garlic press. It easily and completely presses multiple cloves of garlic at once, without the need to peel them first. Simply push the 'peel eject' button to shoot the garlic peel out and into the bin. Rinse your Garject Lite under water and it’s not the only thing perfectly clean – your hands are too. As you open your Garject, its spring-loaded scraper automatically engages to scrape all of the garlic off the front of its grill and into your meal.

Your search is over. Garject Lite has taken an age-old problem and completely solved it for good. There’s a good reason Garject Lite is the world’s most awarded garlic press, it’s the world’s best garlic press.

Dreamfarm GarJet Lite Garlic Press (Plastic) R 430.00

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