R 999.00

KAI Whetstone Combo - Grain 400/1000

This KAI combination whetstone allows one to sharpen the blade using two different grits. Restore your KAI knives to sharpness but soaking your whetstone in water for a few hours and then remove and glide the blade over the whetstone a number of times.

  • Combination whetstone 400 grit on one side and 1000 grit on another
  • Offers a coarse side for grinding and a fine side for sharpening the edge
  • Instructions of how to use the product come with the whetstone
  • Includes water reservoir for dampening the whetstone

Sharpening and Care

To sharpen a KAI knife in the traditional Japanese and therefore professional way, 
we recommend using ceramic-bonded whetstones. 

Moreover, KAI also offer electronic grinders, as well as care accessories 
and blade protectors. A detailed manual for re-working symmetric and asymmetric blades with traditional Japanese whetstones can be found here.

KAI Japan has been driven by a constant drive for aesthetic design, technical innovation & outstanding quality, enjoying cult status in Japan. These amazing razor-sharp knives are created in Seki City, Japan’s 700-year-old center for Samurai swords. 

Founded in Japan in 1908, KAI has crafted super sharp and functional knives for over a century. Built to stay strong and maintain their edge, you'll love the control and slicing precision these blades provide. Knives are not their only speciality — KAI's prep tool, knife sharpener and knife accessory ranges are perfect additions to any home cook's kitchen collection.


KAI Whetstone Sharpener R 999.00

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