R 2,400.00


Ken Fuyuki make high quality, handmade chef's knives that are designed in Japan and made using HRC 60-rated high carbon Serbian Sarschach steel.  Each knife is completely handmade by traditional artisans in our workshop and sports a naturally-formed patina, and the handle is made from Japanese white bark magnolia wood. Ken Fuyuki chef's knives are known for their balance in the hand and the edge retention capability of the high-carbon Sarschach steel used. You do not need to re-sharpen a Ken Fuyuki blade for months together even if you use it every day for every meal preparation. Also, the unique shape and rusty/outdoorsy/vintage look of the knives make them a favorite among their patrons.

At the Great Cape, we have the Ken Fuyuki Handmade Multipurpose Serbian Chef's Knife with Vintage Wood Handle in stock, but are able to supply any of the Ken Fuyuki knives on pre-order.


Ken Fuyuki Handcrafted Traditional knives R 2,400.00

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