R 186.00
The Valley Pinot Noir is all about attitude. Blended from the best Pinot Noir clones (PN 777 and PN 667) in the Elgin Valley this wine is a bit in your face and quickly lets you know what it is about. Rich fruit on the nose with some perfume and orange peel. It is vibrant, full of energy and pulls you right into that glass. After dreaming for a while you take that first sip and are blown away. Big mid-palate from the PN 777 which is a bit rich with some ripe red fruit, but then PN 667 comes through and tightens up the palate and adds that freshness, length and minerality. You find yourself finishing the glass so quickly… It is simple: great Pinot makes you thirsty!’. – Nico Grobler, winemaker
La Brune The Valley Pinot Noir R 186.00

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