R 337.00

Concentrated aromas of citrus and rich honey notes, with a lingering sandstone minerality. Aged in barrel for 8 months.

ale gold with almost translucent green tinged rim. Initially shy on the nose but in contact with oxygen, multi-layered nose of citrus peel, freshly cut mango, peach kernel , mandarin and hints of spearmint. Powerful entry onto the pallet with nuances of stone fruit, a wet pebble minerality and mouth coating vanillins. A certain degree of waxiness attributed to Malolactic Fermentation in barrel. A fresh line of acidity keeps the wine in balance. The palate is left with a long finish calling for contemplation on this most rewarding cultivar. This wine will benefit from cellaring, should temptation be conquered.

This Old Vine Chenin was made with minimal interference, including natural fermentation and no fining, and as such, harmless crystals may precipitate in the bottle over time.

Suggested Food Pairing:

Serve at 15–18°C. Rolled pork loin stuffed with wild fennel and mushroom.

Vintage is subject to availability.
Current vintage: 2023

Swanepoel Old Vine Chenin R 337.00

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