R 690.00

RollDown Egg Dispenser provides a space-friendly solution for storing and using eggs every day. This rolling egg organizer is made to keep 12 to 14 eggs in any size refrigerator. It works for standard, large and jumbo eggs. Simply remove an egg from the front and watch the rest roll forward on a gentle, gravity-fed track. You’ll love ditching the egg carton so you can always see how many eggs are left. A slim, two-tier design frees up fridge storage space (and looks cool too) while non-slip feet hold everything in place. With eggs ready to go, your cooking stays on a roll.

  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: Holds 12-14 standard, large or jumbo eggs ​in your fridge
  • DISPENSER: Gravity-fed design dispenses eggs​ one at a time with gentle rolling motion
  • SPACE-SAVING: Two-tier organizer with small footprint saves fridge space​​ and lets you ditch the carton
  • QUICK SET-UP: No assembly required, just load your eggs and they’re ready to roll; Dispenser stays in place with non-slip feet
Youcopia Roll Down Egg Dispenser R 690.00

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