Hand carved wooden mobile birds are made from raw wood not manufactured board, therefore each piece needs to be individually cut, carved, balanced and hung. Due to the varying grains and density no two wings are ever the same weight and therefore the points of balance will vary and need to be individually balanced.

The wood has a beautiful Feathery linear grain, which is very descriptive of the form, the feathers and the flight. The birds are hand painted with stains which allows the grain to show through.

Best by a window where they are at their happiest surfing the breeze and constantly moving bringing about a peaceful rhythmic contentment.

The flight can also be initiated by pulling down gently on the bead, this brings about an educational interaction with movement making it an excellent interactive educational toy for your child to grow up with.

Although they are well suited to a nursery or a child’s room none of them would look out of place in a doctors room, they would be equally suited is a designer home, a beach house interior or perhaps a more rustic farmhouse interior etc etc.

These pieces are unique in that they occupy a space that nothing else does. It is not art on a wall or sculpture on a floor but brings another dimension to any interior.
R 2,900.00
R 1,650.00
R 1,650.00
R 1,650.00