R 150.00

Extracted from a single varietal, pure Frantoio essence has been trapped within this golden delicious olive oil. Savour layers of creaminess, notes of green grass, almonds, wildflowers and green apple. Best enjoy drizzled over seasonal salads or soaked up by chunks of fresh bread.

Taste: An explosion of almond notes on the palate, which may be interpreted as a hint of marzipan. This is followed quickly by attractive notes of bitter almonds. Ideal pepper, or piquancy, is perceived as the oil passes into the throat, and is elegantly balanced. This results in a harmonious and delicate oil.

Aroma: Fresh, grassy, and delicately nutty on the nose, with a subtle hint of green banana.

Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) - Frantoio 500ml R 150.00

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