R 145.00

A blend of 5 Italian varieties grown in the sun and soil on the slopes of the Simonsberg. The smell varies from green and leafy to fruity as five varieties of olives are used in Babylonstoren's oil. Take a sip and feel the silkiness on the tongue and in the throat. You will taste fruity, herb, peppery notes and soft, subtle florals. Pure golden goodness!

Taste: A good mouthfeel on the palate, with notes of fresh herbs and nuts, smoothly followed by a medium intensity of bitter, peppery notes. A well-balanced and harmonious oil to use in a variety of culinary endeavours

Aroma: Fresh notes of mint, especially, and a hint of honeysuckle as a gentle top note.


Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) - Blend 500ml R 145.00

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