R 182.00
Hazelnuts are slightly sweet but tasty nuts native to Europe and Turkey. Unlike most other nuts, hazelnuts are an excellent source of folate. A 100gm serving provides 113ug of folate, amounting to 30% of the daily-recommended value. Folate is highly beneficial for pregnant women because it helps to prevent megaloblastic anemia and neutralizes defects in babies. Hazelnuts are also rich in manganese, a mineral required for the growth and strength of bones. Magnesium in hazelnuts can be very useful for building the structure and strength of the skeletal system. It increases bone mineral density and fights osteoporosis. Roasted hazelnuts taste extremely delicious with rich chocolate.
  • Hand-weighed and -packaged in your choice of either 250g, 500g and 1kg bags by our team that is dedicated to quality, freshness and accuracy.
  • Only available raw.
Hazelnuts R 182.00

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