R 1,099.00

Three piece set for homemade ravioli: 12 ravioli chef tray, 24 ravioli classisi tray and 18 tortelli classici tray.

The trays also come complete with a wooden rolling pin to seal the top layer of pasta over the filling. The ravioli moulds can only be used with fresh pasta sheets. These are easy to make by using the Imperia manual or electric pasta machine or the Imperia Pasta Presto pasta maker.

  • Trays in strong anodised aluminium fitted on an enamelled steel base
  • Rubber feet for good stability and protection of delicate surfaces
  • Tray dimension: 34×11,5xH2cm
  • Rolling pin in beech wood
  • Handwash only
  • 5 year guarantee. Made in Italy.


How to use the ravioli tray?

  • Flour the tray and place one sheet of pasta over the tray. Gently press the pasta into the depressions of the mould to form cups.
  • Fill each cavity with your choice of filling. Brush the edges lightly with egg wash or water. This will help the ravioli to have a tight seal and not break when boiled.
  • Place a second pasta sheet on top and use the rolling pin to press the two layers of pasta together.
  • Start with gentle pressure to press out any air and to form a seal. Use more pressure to cut the pasta into individual ravioli.
  • Turn the tray over. The ravioli should easily fall out of the mould. Examine each ravioli to make sure it is properly sealed around the edges. Place in a single layer on a plate sprinkled with flour.


Imperia Italian Ravioli Tris - 3 Piece Tray Set R 1,099.00

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