R 75.00

These peelers – made in Solingen, Germany - are extremely sharp and stylish. These are peelers that cut off extremely thin peels. With their high-quality blades, they generate even and extremely thin cutting results. The one-sided conical shape makes the cut particularly sharp and fine. The blade cuts through the cutting objects as if through butter, precisely separating the peel while doing so.

The straight blade with straight grind renders a clean, straight cut without fraying out the object to be cut. The Solingen kitchen aid peels so thin and effectively, that it produces hardly any waste. Potatoes and vegetables can be easily peeled.

These fruit and vegetable peelers make daily work in the kitchen significantly easier. Wafer-thin vegetable carpaccio? There are no boundaries to the vegetable dish creations that can be made with this thrifty utensil.

This Solingen peeler has a particularly sharp vertical blade. The blade is attached perpendicular to the handle. With the vertical peeler, you peel using your wrist.

This motion is less tiring than with conventional peeling knives. Solingen kitchen aids with vertical blades can even peel small fruit and vegetables, such as potatoes with ease. Especially if large amounts of potatoes need to be peeled, this can be done with such a Solingen "quick peeler" without much effort.


Klever Straight Peelers from Solingen, Germany R 75.00

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